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Hip Hop

Hip Hop



Offered in:



Advanced &

Competition levels

Hip-hop dance is always a direct result of the world’s hip-hop culture relating to their music, art, fashion, and expression. Hip-hop is a street style with a wide range but always representing self-expression. Come to each class, respecting yourself and those around you. Each choreographer brings their own force and their own voice to the table here. Be fierce.

Breaking (B-Boy/Girl) incorporates intricate body movements, strong acrobatic moves, coordination, upper body strength and style. Students will be led through freezes, footwork and top rocks, among other skills. Specific skills required for Int/Adv. levels.



  • Gymnastics​

Offered in Beg/Int/Adv levels​

  • Tumble Tykes

Offered for ages 3-4​

Gymnastics is a sport that includes physical exercises requiring balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, and endurance. Students must master certain skills before moving up in level. In level (1) you will learn all the basics such as cartwheels and somersaults. To move on to Level (2) you must have mastered a cartwheel and unassisted back-bend. For level (3) you must have an unassisted front and back-walkover or more.


Tumble Tykes tumbling classes are a great way to help your child develop strength and flexibility, as well as concentration skills. Your little one will jump, run, roll, crawl and have a great time! They will learn to overcome fear and try things that may seem a little scary at first. Tumbling and gymnastics is also a very social sport, and your child is likely to make new friends along the way. They will develop positive associations with exercise.



  • 3 year old​

Ballet Only

  • 4 year old

Offered with tap​

Creative Movement is a joyful way for children to explore movement through music, develop physical skills, channel energy, stimulate imagination and promote creativity. Students will also be exposed to dance terminology and beginning ballet movements.
Students should have ballet shoes for 3 year old class and tap shoes as well for our 4 year old class.


Jazz & Tap

  • Jazz

Offered in Int/Adv levels

  • Tap

Offered with Int Ballet, Int Jazz or Munchkin Combo only

Jazz is an energetic dance form always honoring contemporary pop culture. It’s focused on syncopated rhythm and requires solid technique. Our choreographers bring their own style, passion, and vitality to this immortal dance genre.

Tap provides fast footwork and rhythm through sound through the "taps" on the sole of the special shoes. The benefits are learning added rhythm, coordination, musicality, self confidence, and coordination. 


Ballet & Pointe

  • Ballet

Offered in Beg/Int and Adv levels​

  • Pointe

Offered in Adv. level only​

Ballet is a dancer’s best friend when it comes to gaining and maintaining technique. There are different styles of classical ballet that are related to their areas of creation; French, Italian, or Russian methods. Our teachers come from various backgrounds and will teach a fusion of classical ballet techniques including the American Ballet Theatre curriculum.


All pointe classes are designed for students with previous ballet training. Students will utilize previously learned ballet technique while working in pointe shoes..


Musical Theatre

Offered in Intermediate Only

Wicked! Aladdin! Lion King! Love Broadway shows? This class is for you. This is a int/adv Musical Theatre Improvisation dance class. This class will focus on the individual dancer, movement for actors, voice and acting skills. This is what being a "triple threat" means. And it's just so much fun!



  • Contemporary

Offered ages 11+

  • Lyrical

Competitive Team Only

Contemporary dance is a blend for the technically trained dancer; some describe it as a release from both modern and jazz. Contemporary dance is unique to the choreographer you decide to take from. Within each class you are guaranteed an emotional release as much as a technical push of your abilities as a dancer. This movement tells a story, compelling dancers to connect movement with emotion.

Lyrical dance is a fusion of ballet and jazz dance techniques. Dancers use motion to interpret music and express emotion.


Hula Hoop

Open Level

Ages 8-15

Hoop Dance Flow is a hula hoop class focusing on dance, tricks, techniques, and creative flow. For those who are looking for something beyond a traditional dance class, Hoop dance is an incredibly satisfying way to express yourself creatively through movement! Taught by the head Captain and Choreographer of the SUNY Plattsburgh Hoop Squad!



  • Hot Mamas

18+ Adults Only

All encompassing adult class combing fitness, hip hop and sexy heels. We switch it up week to week so adults can gain experience in different styles. Typically a beg class, but more advanced adults are welcome.

What is heels? Heels will incorporate genres of pop, jazz, grooves and hip hop! This class can be done with or without heels (heels recommended) and it puts a strong emphasis on musicality and interpretation of the music and its rhythm. It's also a

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