Helpful Hints About Center Stage


What is the annual Center Stage showcase?

We hold an annual showcase at the end of our school year (June) to showcase and demonstrate the skills learned throughout that year. The showcase is held at a local professional theatre (Strand Centre for the Arts). Family and friends are invited to attend. There is an admission fee.

Is my son/daughter allowed to be in the showcase?

Yes. However, Tumble Tykes, Level 1 gym and other select classes do not participate in the showcase. The showcase is open to all enrolled students and all are encouraged to participate.

What is involved with the showcase?

All costumes are $70. Families will need to purchase a costume for each class the student participates with. We start working on show routines approx. Jan/Feb every year. You will need to be available for one dress rehearsal and on the day of the show.

Does my son/daughter have to be in the show?

The showcase is not mandatory, however, it is encouraged each student participate. Your child can continue dancing in the same class all year regardless of whether or not they participate in the show.

Can I get a refund for a costume?

No. Costume companies do not give refunds or allow size exchanges.


What happens if dance class is canceled due to weather?

Weather cancellations, unfortunately, are beyond our control. Additional classes will usually not be scheduled in place.

How will you inform us of a weather closure?

We will send out an email to every registered family. We also post it on the Center Stage website an Facebook page. During inclement weather, please check these sources before heading to the studio.

Can I make-up a dance class I missed?

Case by case basis. Make up days cannot be given to individuals missing classes due to personal obligations, illness, school functions or travel. Our classes and staff schedule are designed based on a student to teacher ratio and instructors set their own schedules according to their availbility, Adding students compromises safety and quality of instruction. If Center Stage cancels a class due to inclement weather or unforeseen emergency, we cannot guarantee a make up class. The availability of the facility and staff will determine the possibility of make up classes.

Who do I let know my dancer can't make class?

If a student must miss a class, please notify the studio. Poor class attendance may result in dismissal from performances at the discretion of the instructor. There are no credits or refunds for classes missed.

Dress Code/Class Placement

Is there anything else we should know about the dress code?

There is a dress code for all students but what they where depends on the style they are signed up for. Please check the online store to see which items are needed per class. Any student entering the dance studio must wear their hair back. There should be no jewelry, dangle earrings and no gum chewing. No outside shoes are allowed. Only official dance shoes can be worn inside the studio (please make sure they are clean on the bottom). A bottle of WATER only is allowed to be brought into the studio.

How do I know which class my dancer should be in?

Class placement is determined by the dancer’s age and years of dance experience. We understand it is important for students to participate with their peers; we also want each dancer to be challenged in class. For this reason we ask that if a student is a beginner dancer that they be placed in the group according to their age. Once classes begin, if changes are needed they will be made accordingly. Class placement is the sole discretion of the instructor.

What is the dress code?

DRESS CODE: Most items can be purchased through our online store, just head to the SHOP ONLINE tab. Below is a snapshot of items needed for each class style. BALLET (1) Stars Pink Leotard Pink Ballet Skirt Ballet/classic pink tights Pink/tan ballet slippers Black Tap shoes BALLET (2) Juniors Light Blue Leotard Ballet/classic pink tights Pink/tan ballet slippers Black Tap shoes BALLET (3) Seniors Black Leotard Ballet/classic pink tights Pink/tan ballet slippers Pointe Shoes (Please consult instructor) HIP HOP (all levels) Leotard with spandex leggings or spandex shorts Biketard Unitard Ultra-Arch dance sneaker (black) HULA HOOP (needs to be form fitting. No loose clothing) Unitard Leotard and spandex leggings Barefoot (no shoes or socks) JAZZ (all levels) Any color leotard Tan/flesh colored dance tights (no hosiery) Black Jazz Shoes TAP Any color leotard Tan/flesh/pink colored dance tights Black spandex leggings Classic Black Tap shoes (get flat, no heel) GYMNASTICS / TUMBLE TYKES (no loose clothing, t-shirts etc) Any color/style leotard Spandex leggings or spandex shorts Barefoot (no shoes or socks) MUNCHKINS Any color/style leotard Ballet/classic pink tights Any color dance skirt / tutu Pink/tan ballet slippers MUNCHKINS W/TAP Any color/style leotard Ballet/classic pink tights Any color dance skirt / tutu Pink/tan ballet slippers Black Tap shoes CONTEMPORARY Any color leotard Tan/flesh/pink colored dance tights Spandex leggings or spandex shorts Unitard or biketard Footwear: Canvas Half Sole or other similar style LYRICAL Any color leotard Tan/flesh/pink colored dance tights Black spandex leggings spandex leggings or spandex shorts Biketard Unitard Footwear: Canvas Half Sole or other similar style BBOY (all levels) Shoes sold in our online store. Other items can be found locally. Track Suit Sweatpants/suit Form fitting top Knee Pads Classic High Top Sneaker (black) MUSICAL THEATRE (all levels) Any color leotard T-shirts ok (form fitting) Tan/flesh/pink colored dance tights Black spandex leggings spandex leggings or spandex shorts Biketard Unitard Black Jazz shoe or black Ultra-Arch dance sneaker

Drop Off/Pick Up

Can I watch a dance class?

*TEMPORARILY CHANGED DUE TO COVID 19 POLICY* Yes We have two studios at CS. One has closed circuit video and you can watch the class from the lobby on two monitors. The second studio has a viewing window.

Do I have to stay while my child is in dance class?

No. We encourage you to drop off and pick back up at the appropriate time.

Covid-19 Policy

How does my dancer enter the building?

  • THE STUDIO LOBBY IS NOW CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. (Only Studets/staff are allowed inside) This includes use of the restrooms.​
  • FRONT DOOR DROP OFF & PICK UP process, until further notice. Parents should drop off their child at the FRONT STEPS no more than 5 MINUTES BEFORE the start of their class and be parked outside and waiting prior to the end of their child’s class. (This will help us prevent crowds and “bottle necking” during class changes.)
  • STUDENTS will walk to enter the building through the FRONT DOOR in a single file fashion, while observing social distancing, and walk into the lobby to sit their personal belongings (such as street shoes and jackets) on a shelf. STUDENTS will then take their dance shoes and water bottle into class.
  • Upon entering each class there will be a hand sanitizer station where each child will be asked to "take a squirt" of sanitizer for their hands and then be directed to a colored "X" on the floor, inside of a 6'x6' taped square. There will be a corresponding color X on the edges of the room where they can sit their water bottle, dance shoes for their next class, inhaler or other class necessity.
  • We ask that all other personal items be left at home when possible, and anything not left at home should be left in the lobby on the shelves.

How does my dancer exit the building?

  • After class, STUDENTS will grab their personal items from their "X", walk to the touchless hand sanitation station to "take another squirt" of sanitizer as they exit the class. Students will then gather their personal items on shelves in the lobby and exit the front door to wait, still observing social distancing guidelines, until their ride arrives to pick them up.
  • PARENTS with children 6 AND UNDER may escort their child into and out of the studio lobby. These parents will wait in their cars in our parking lot during class, a staffer will signal from the door when the students are ready to exit and parents may come up and escort them back to their cars for pick-up.

What are your class policies during Covid-19?

  • Arrive in dance clothes with hair already pulled back, to help prevent having to change onsite. Wear clothes over dance clothes to dress for the weather and leave those extra clothes in your bag during class
  • Shelves will be located throughout the studio where students can sit their bags with shoes, etc inside during their class. Please limit the items you bring inside to those only related to class.
  • Bring your own water bottle – no sharing of water bottles and all drinks must be taken out of the classroom at the end of each class. Any water bottles (including expensive fancy ones) that get left after any class will be thrown away.
  • If you are participating in back to back classes (ie acro class then tap class) be sure to BRING YOUR SHOES for all your classes into your first class with you.
  • ANY items left behind after class in the classroom or on a shelf in the lounge will be THROWN AWAY as we will not have a lost and found until further notice

Other additional Covid-19 policies

  • Children and parents may choose to wear masks entering and exiting the building and during dance class. However, please be aware that we will not be requiring dancers to wear masks during class as this poses a potential breathing issue.
  • Children will be asked to either wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the building.
  • If we believe your child is ill we will use our touchless thermometer to check their temperature. If they have a temperature of 100 or higher, we will put them into a resting room and contact their parent/guardian to pick them up. Any student who leaves our facility ill is then expected to remain home the follow 72 hours (if recovered) and a minimum, and expected to quarantine for a minimum of 14 days if found to be ill with Covid-19.

When should I keep my child home?

  • Your child has a temperature, or has had a temperature within the last 72 hours
  • Your child is exhibiting symptoms of being sick such as constant coughing, sneezing etc within the past 72 hours
  • Anyone in your home or that the student has been exposed to that has experienced a temperature or other “flu like” symptoms within the past 72 hours

What systems do you have in place to help reduce the exposure of Covid-19?

  • Bi-weekly deep cleaning of the facility to add to our already scheduled daily cleaning routines by CS employees
  • Vital-oxide hospital grade antiviral and antifungal disinfectant is used in all floor mop waters, sprayed onto all hard surfaces, soft surfaces, door handles, restroom facilities and other high touch/traffic areas EACH NIGHT after classes. This product kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses upon contact and then dissipates to prevent chemicals being absorbed through the skin.
  • CS will be limiting the number of customers inside our facility and class rooms at a given time in accordance with NY state guidelines.
  • CS has adjusted equipment layout and to maintain appropriate social distancing among customers and students (e.g., at least 6 feet of separation). Our dance floors are marked with tape to ensure 6’x6’ space per student is allotted.
  • CS will be scheduling a short break between classes to allow for students to enter and exit with less crowding potential AND to allow instructors added time for washing and sanitation practices between classes.
  • CS will be keeping windows/doors open when and where possible to improve ventilation.
  • CS employees will be screened and temperature-checked when reporting to work.
  • CS employees will increase hygiene practices—wash hands more frequently, avoid touching face, practice good respiratory etiquette when coughing or sneezing.
  • CS employees should wash hands between classes, and more frequently as necessary. We will not be using gloves to prevent cross contamination issues. During classes, such as acrobatics, where there is potential for contact when spotting between instructor and student a bottle of hand sanitizer will be kept next to each instructor to use between students and ensure cleanliness practices are being followed.

Tuition Policy

Why is automatic debit mandatory for monthly students?

Automatic debit is the most efficient and accurate way of collecting tuition. It protects the client and studio by keeping electronic records of all transactions. If a students drops enrollment (a family must notify the studio in WRITING) the auto-debit stops. No questions asked. Simply inform us in writing ( If a charge is made in error, we will happily credit back your financial institution.

Is there a registration fee?

There is a non-refundable annual registration fee of $20 per student.

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer family & multiple class discounts.

What is the monthly rate based off of?

The monthly rate is based on the "annual tuition" broken into 10 monthly installments, NOT on the number of classes in the month.

Can you break down the monthly rate per month?

Tuition prices below are paid MONTHLY, not per-class.
45 min weekly class: $38.75/Month
1-hour weekly class: $48.00/Month (The majority of our classes)
1:15-hour weekly class: $60.00/Month (Example: Competitive or combo classes)

What is the studio rental rate?

$15/hr with a 2 hour minimum.

Do you have a single class rate?


How do I pay?

Choose an automatic monthly debit from a credit card or checking account. Debit will be between the 1st thru the 5th of each month. *Any declined credit card will result in a $5 fee. *Important: If a student decides to drop, the family must inform Center Stage Dance via email otherwise the account will continue to be debited. Any student who does not return to class after 8 weeks will be removed from the class and Center Stage will discontinue payments. There are no refunds given.

Basic Monthly Tuition Costs

BASIC MONTHLY TUITION COST: 30 min class: $25/month 45 min class: $40/month 60 min class: $48/month 75 min class: $60/month Private Lessons: Range from $40-50/hr This is a basic break-down of pricing. The cost of tuition for our season are based on a 10 month program broken into 10 month installments as shown above. The price includes tuition and insurance costs.